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Matariki star cluster

Refreshing Your Fundraising At Matariki

BY RACHEL JEFFERIES & VICTOR MANAWATU Matariki is the Māori new year. It is celebrated in early winter, when the star cluster Matariki (also known as the Pleiades) rises in the eastern sky.   Because Māori traditionally follow the lunar cycle rather than the Gregorian calendar, it’s tricky to pinpoint the exact time that Matariki will rise. The lunar calendar has 354 days, while the […]

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Apollo 13 & Your Fundraising Strategy

BY RACHEL JEFFERIES Image Caption: Mission Control Center During Apollo 13 Return Flight. Image Source:   Last month marked the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 13 mission. You probably know the story: a relatively “straightforward” mission to begin with, but, at about three-quarters of the way to the moon, everything changes when an oxygen

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What is a Cathedral?

There is an old fable that recounts a traveller coming upon three men labouring on a building site. As he walked from one to the next he asked each man what he was doing.‘I am laying bricks’ said the first. ‘I am making a wall’ said the second, but the third stood proudly and replied,

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