Our Values

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Since 2004, AskRIGHT has helped nonprofits raise more money effectively, efficiently, and ethically.

Our professional Fundraising Consultants and Fundraising Researchers have significant experience in the philanthropic sector, and we offer a range of fundraising consulting services and fundraising research services, as well as online fundraising solutions, for organisations throughout New Zealand.

Our Values

Working ethically and within the public trust that supports philanthropic activity

Being client-focused, developing tailored approaches to clients’ specific needs, and measuring client satisfaction

Maintaining environmentally and economically sustainable processes

Supporting the Not-For-Profit community through our Pro Bono Program and by the personal involvement of our team

Providing advice that is based on research or an established body of knowledge while adhering to our Privacy Policy (PDF, 73KB)

Investing in the professional development of our consultants and staff

Continuing to develop and improve in everything we do through our Quality Policy (PDF, 105KB)