Louise Walters


Louise Walters



Christchurch (New Zealand)


027 224 6656


[email protected]

BA (Business Studies and Honors in Marketing), Dip (Marketing)

Louise has over 3 decades of experience as a senior fundraiser and marketing professional, having worked in the UK, Germany, and most recently New Zealand. Louise has proven capability and drive to add substantial value to an organisation.

Louise’s expertise encompasses best practice in fundraising, research, and analysis. She creates robust and successful fundraising strategies, and possesses strong relationship management skills.

As a Consultant, Louise is currently working with a range of non-profit clients in a variety of sectors, including educational institutions, arts, culture, heritage, and religious organisations.

Louise began her career in marketing and sales management roles. After 14 years in the commercial sector, Louise moved to the philanthropic sector where she utilised her broad commercial experience to establish some of the largest and most successful corporate fundraising partnerships at Diabetes UK and, after moving to New Zealand, with the Starship Foundation based at Starship children’s hospital in Auckland.