Craig Pollard


Craig Pollard



Auckland (New Zealand)


0800 577 677


[email protected]

FRGSMSc(Violence, Conflict, and Development), MinstF(Dip)

During 25 years in fundraising, Craig has worked with donors, non-profits, and fundraisers in 70+ countries to help build capacity, grow confidence, achieve clarity, and deliver change to build high-impact fundraising programs.

His expertise includes high-value partnerships (individuals, corporates, media, etc.), the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe and Middle East, fundraising start-ups, higher education, international development, global health (Africa and Asia), social care, and major expeditions.

In 2019, Craig wrote The Fundraising Radicals, a book and online course (more than 100 students across 20+ countries) that introduces an effcient, value-based approach to fundraising for new, voluntary and reluctant fundraisers, small non-profits, fundraising startups, and community projects.