Resilience Sailing helps people who have experienced trauma — including domestic violence — by running a sailing program called Sail For Life. People with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, and Anxiety can build confidence and be better equipped for life after cruising the open sea. In a safe and supportive environment, participants can take charge of a yacht and feel the benefits of Nature Therapy.


Nature Therapy is a form of therapy that incorporates the natural environment and removes medical practitioners and medication; it does not discredit medical treatment, but, rather, highlights the importance and benefits of nature as an alternate way of improving mental health. As the word ‘alternate’ is often met with scepticism, Nature Therapy is overlooked and the people that require it most find it difficult to access. As a result, charities — such as Resilience Sailing — that exist to advance health, but that are not linked to the medical institutions (hospitals, research institutes, etc.), struggle to receive adequate funding.

If you would like to show your support for Resilience Sailing — for both women and men who have experienced trauma — contact Aaron at [email protected] or on 0498 888 849.


Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (RQYS) has provided Resilience Sailing with access to training boats. These boats help people to get started in the sailing world.

University of Southern Queensland (UQS) has partnered with Resilience Sailing for 3 years to collect participant data. This data tracks how people are progressing and serves as ground-breaking research into Nature Therapy.