AskRIGHT is proud to be the first fundraising consultancy ever in Australia and New Zealand to have achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Every formal proposal that AskRIGHT creates – every feasibility study, campaign plan strategy document, or report provided to our clients – carries SAI Global’s ISO 9001 certification symbol:


ISO 9001 certification shows you that AskRIGHT is committed to quality. It assures you that we have best-practice systems and processes in place. It lets you know that we continually monitor, manage, and improve the quality of our work.


ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, a non-governmental organisation coordinated by a Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO is responsible for many thousands of international standards such as paper sizes (the A series of A5, A4, A3, etc.), credit card technology and communication protocols, and standardised codes for countries and currencies.


ISO 9001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. Standards are continuously revised and updated, and ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version of ISO 9001, revised in 2015. The ISO 9001 quality management standards are based on seven quality management principles:



Organisations experience a number of benefits through the application of these seven quality management principles across AskRIGHT’s systems and processes. These benefits include:

  1. Enhanced client satisfaction – we are client-focused, developing tailored approaches to our clients’ specific needs, and enhancing client satisfaction is at the core of our work
  2. Trust in a company that walks the talk – we hold ourselves to a high standard and can prove that we meet that standard as we commit to continuing to develop and improve in everything we do
  3. Confidence in the quality of our services, our evidence-based advice, and our best-practice processes – using the ISO 9001 framework also means we have a proactive culture for discovering risks and opportunities
  4. Operational efficiency – productivity and efficiency increase because all our processes are aligned

We are a company devoted to providing high-quality services to our clients, and we are thrilled to have an effective, quality-certified system in place to support this.

Our clients learn a lot from our expertise to develop their fundraising, but we also take every opportunity to learn from our clients and continually improve our services. 

Dr Daniel McDiarmid, Director at AskRIGHT