How our fundraising consultants helped Brisbane City Council and the Save City Hall Committee in their successful capital campaign.

Brisbane City Hall, an iconic civic building in Brisbane owned by the Brisbane City Council, required an extensive $215M restoration. While the Council would contribute the vast bulk of funds for the project, it was also determined that a capital campaign would be a run to raise substantial funds to support the restoration of such an iconic building.

The Brisbane City Council formed a high-profile volunteer committee known as the ‘Save City Hall Committee’ and a partnership with the National Trust in Queensland to raise funds for the campaign, known formally as the National Trust Brisbane City Hall Appeal. The then Governor of Queensland also agreed to be Patron for the Appeal.

After commencing a number of early initiatives that were raising funds, the Save City Hall Committee determined that more expertise was required to secure major gifts in order to achieve more significant results in the capital campaign.

A tender process was conducted and AskRIGHT was successful in being awarded the contract.

Even though there was broad community support for the restoration, no mechanism had been established to efficiently engage major gifts prospects directly and work toward solicitation of a number of $1million+ leading gifts.

The Committee were also seeking advice and support on a wide range of other issues including:

  • Development of Appeal materials in various forms
  • A plan for recognition of all gifts at all levels
  • More effective engagement of high net worth individuals
  • Developing events to engage the important ethnic communities throughout Brisbane

AskRIGHT fundraising consultants worked closely with the volunteer committee, elected Councillors, including the Lord Mayor, and with senior Brisbane City Council officers to position the fundraising campaign for success. The strategy involved the development of effective prospect engagement activities, identification of key potential donors, development of the Case for Support, and successful solicitation of lead prospects.

Geoff Rodgers, Campaign Chairman

AskRIGHT expertise was used to help the Committee members, Appeal staff and Lord Mayor to:

  • Identify and qualify the best prospects for the Appeal
  • Produce a suitable case for support document in a number of formats and forms
  • Develop an effective engagement process utilising a number of unique assets ranging from special tours of the restoration site, events at government house and other activities
  • Conduct timely follow up with prospects
  • Perform the ‘ask’ under the right conditions
  • Compose a range of appropriate recognition elements that could be used with major gift supporters and all other supporters participating in other fundraising activities (e.g. rates program donations)

AskRIGHT also provided additional value to the Brisbane City Council Rates Notice channel of the campaign through the development of donor retention and upgrade strategies and options that were used with success and which can also be used in later public stages of the appeal.

Geoff Rodgers, Campaign Chairman

The Appeal raised more than $11million across various initiatives, including several major gifts either equal to or in excess of $1million each. Coupled with a Federal Government grant of $10million, the final fundraising tally reached around $21.5million, or 10% of the project cost.

The successful implementation of this strategy brought several leading pledges (ranging from $1million to $3million) from individuals and organisations. These major gifts also brought important credibility to the campaign with other leading donors.

Geoff Rodgers, Campaign Chairman

A significant Restoration Board, listing many supporters of the Appeal is located in the Adelaide St Foyer of City Hall and a very special Restoration Stone has been laid on the front wall of City Hall facing King George Square to recognise the leading supporters.

More than 50,000 rate-payers throughout Brisbane and a number of other donors from further afield in Queensland have all played an important part by contributing gifts ranging from $15 to several thousand dollars.

Brisbane City Council and the Save City Hall Committee are pleased to acknowledge the professionalism and substantial value of services provided by AskRIGHT fundraising consultants in support of the fundraising initiatives undertaken for the National Trust Brisbane City Hall Appeal.

Geoff Rodgers, Campaign Chairman

A wonderfully restored Brisbane City Hall has re-established its position as a premiere venue for many events and forums.

City Hall remains one of a very few iconic buildings in Brisbane to be saved.

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