AskRIGHT is proud to be working with Ambulance Wish Queensland (AWQ), a new program of Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ).  

The AWQ mission is to provide people living with a terminal illness the resources, the dignity, and the respect they deserve by providing specialist transport and medical care to fulfil their final wishes. 

AWQ launched in July 2019 with significant media attention when they provided Betty her final wish:

The CEO of PCQ, Shyla Mills, says that the AWQ concept is similar to the model of Stichting Ambulance Wenswhich was the first of its kind and established in the Netherlands in early 2007This model is now operating in over 8 countries including Germany, Sweden, and Austria, and the first international conference was held last year. 

AWQ works very closely with Queensland Health and Queensland Ambulance Services, however, they need to raise over $200,000 each year to keep their vehicle delivering patients their final wishes. Often the final wishes are things that get taken for granted and it’s the little things that mean the most, such as visit to the park to feel the warmth of the sunlight, a visit to their home to look at photos, or to have one of their favourite ice-creams. 

AWQ have a vision to roll this service delivery throughout Queensland (including regional areas) so that all Queenslanders that are in their final stages of life can fulfil their final wish.

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